UPDATE: 4/20/05
Read Jimmy's 2005 24 Hour Comic!

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Update! (4/15/05) The DVD will be available for sale on 24 Hour Comics Day, 2005! Come to the Spicyricecracker Productions table at the Pittsburgh Comic Con or order online! Retailers get a discount (email for details) and the first 20 orders get a copy of one of the four 24 Hour Comics drawn in the movie for free!

You've been waiting for it, and now it's finally here! 24 Hours Later is coming to DVD! The DVD edition features a commentary track from some of the finest minds you'll ever think about meeting, awesome music ranging from lounge to rawk to random encounter, cast bios, extended interview footage, and some other stuff you'll just have to buy to see. It's everything you've ever wanted in a documentary about 24 Hour Comics, and it's available to you for only $15, including shipping in the USA! Retailers get a discount (email for details), but everyone who buys the movie wins!

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