UPDATE: 4/20/05
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What Is It?

On May 1st (Sunday), we will be screening at the New York International Independent Film Festival. Our screening time is at 2:10pm. Please come out and support 24 Hours Later and independent film! Tickets can be pre-purchased here.

Update! (4/15/05) The DVD will be available for sale on 24 Hour Comics Day, 2005! Come to the Spicyricecracker Productions table at the Pittsburgh Comic Con or order online! Retailers get a discount (email for details) and the first 20 orders get a copy of one of the four 24 Hour Comics drawn in the movie for free!

Update! (4/15/05) Jimmy, Jamie, and Dani will be participating at WildPig Comics II 2005 24 Hour Comics event on Saturday, April 16, 2005. We've got six artists this year, and the day promises to be a great one!

If you can't make it to WildPig, that doesn't mean you can't do a 24 Hour Comic. Check out the official site for locations near you!

Imagine that, in the space of a single day, you had to create a 24-page comic book from scratch. Start to finish. No preparation allowed – no scripting, layouts, character sketches, etc. The whole kit 'n' kaboodle must spring up from nowhere and be done twenty-four hours later. This is the idea behind Scott McCloud’s 24 Hour Comics Challenge, and this is what the film 24 Hours Later seeks to capture.

Four artists - armed only with their talent, determination, art supplies, and wit (such as it was) - locked themselves in a comic book store in central New Jersey for the space of a single day. What happens when creative individuals are forced to improvise a full-length comic book in a midnight-to-midnight timeframe? Beauty, drama, big walls, cuteness, philosophy, arcane references, and a lot of bad jokes. 24 Hours Later captures it all with the grace, sensitivity, and cinematography expected of a nature documentary about the mating habits of walruses.

The film was conceived and directed by James Hatton and Jimmy Lin. The duo also star as two of the artists, along with Bill Ellis and Danielle Corsetto. Ellis, Corsetto, and Hatton all have regularly published web-comics. Corsetto’s 24 Hour Comic was selected by Nat Gertler (About Comics) for inclusion in the 2004 anthology of submitted works.

Also featured are interviews with Scott McCloud, Nat Gertler (organizer of 24 Hour Comics Day), Christian Gossett (Red Star), Scott Kurtz (www.PvPonline.com), Jenn Manley Lee (Dicebox), and many others - some established professionals, some up-and-coming artists, and some who just wanted to push themselves to the limits. (Some of them never came back, but that's okay. They're more entertaining that way.)

The film is scheduled for release in November 2004. Check back for regular updates and free clips from the movie.